video. Star Tony Parker at the opening of the new Léo Lagrange sports complex in Val-de-Reuil

The new Léo Lagrange complex opened on Friday 20 May 2022 in the presence of Tony Parker. © La Dépêche de Louviers – YL

Normandy rain that has arrived has not spoiled the planned big party Val de Reuel (OR) This Friday 20 May 2022 to arrive Tony Parker. The NBA quadruple champion and gold medalist with France at the European Championship in 2013, the greatest French basketball player in history was the guest of honor at the opening of the new sports complex. Leo Lagrange.

On the program of this visit is a walk through the buildings and a meeting with the building’s architects, elected officials and licensees who have benefited from this new setup since it opened last March.

Tony Parker meets the licensees for Val-de-Reuil

The former San Antonio Spurs star used his visit to challenge young licensees in Basketball Relax Val-de-Reuil (DBVR). Two of them had the privilege of leaving with a T-shirt and pair of sneakers signed by their star.

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Tony Parker Garden Basketball Hall

At the end of the event, his giant huddled No. 9 jersey was removed, revealing the name of the new basketball hall called “Tony Parker Park”.

Tony Parker: ‘Proud to be Norman’

“It’s a really great honor,” replied Tony Parker. The champion, who registered his first breed in Normandy before moving to the professional world, shared his feelings:

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I grew up in Normandy in Dieppe, Vicamp, Rouen… I played against Val de Rueil when I was young. When I was offered to come here and have a hall in my name, I was really happy. I am very proud to be French and to be Norman. It’s been a while since I visited Normandy and I’m so happy to share this moment with you.

Tony Parker, four-time NBA champion
Tony Parker
Tony Parker © La Dépêche de Louviers – YL

“I woke up at 3 a.m. watching Mickael Jordan, relaying ‘TP’ in front of 300 spectators. Everyone said I was too young and too thin to make it. But I kept dreaming big. You too, keep dreaming!”

DBVR first team player Quentin Swiech was passionate about basketball from a young age. He grew up to the rhythm of Tony Parker’s exploits that he finally had the chance to see in flesh and blood.

It’s very impressive and we are very proud to see Tony Parker in person. I saw him play on TV throughout my childhood and throughout my adolescence. The city is also happy to welcome such a great player and to have a basketball hall named after him.

Quentin Swich, DBVR player

“The new room? It’s day and night.”

After years of practice at the former Léo Lagrange gymnasium, the DBVR member is convinced that the new complex offers new horizons for the Rovalois Club:

It is day and night compared to the old hall. We have infrastructures that allow young people in particular to work in the best conditions and properly acquire the basics. It allows us to think about having these young players in the first team after five or ten years and help the club achieve its goal of moving to the national level 3 in the coming years.

Quentin Swich, DBVR player
Local elected officials and Tony Parker inaugurated the “Tony Parker Garden”. © La Dépêche de Louviers – YL

Marc Antoine Jamet: “It’s an honor to welcome such a great athlete”

Mayor of Val-de-Royle, Marc Antoine Jamet (PS) He took over as head of ceremonies and welcomed the arrival of Tony Parker. “It is a great honor to welcome such a great athlete,” the first judge of the municipality rejoiced.

On this day of handling around the sport, a city councilman had an idea about former boxing champion rolivalois, Herve Lovediwho is currently battling the disease. “He’s in the hospital right now and it’s very difficult for him,” Marc-Antoine Gamet said before calling the crowd to pay tribute to him with thunderous applause.

Asville Lyon Villeurbanne in Val-de-Rouil in September?

The construction of the new Léo Lagrange sports complex is part of the city’s new urban renewal plan. The project took two years of work to complete, representing a total investment of over €10 million.

The event comes to conclude a week themed for sport in Val-de-Reuil, one of the nine Normandy cities that will host Gymnasiade 2022, the school’s edition of the Olympic Games.

Tony Parker has already promised to return to Val de Ruel in the coming months. He announced on his networks that a match with the club Asville Lyon Villeurbanne Which is the president will be organized next September.

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