Visit the animal feed production unit at Unéal

After two years of operation, Unéal opened its livestock feed factory. An opportunity to reaffirm its support for breeders in the region in an unprecedented context of increased input. This site serves as a real animal feeding platform along the Scheldt River, and is part of a strategy to maintain food sovereignty, so that livestock farming is not separated from the territorial territory.

A fire during renovation work on the site in 2019 led to major repairs to the site Animal feed production site in Neuville-sur-Escaut (59). After several years of operation, interrupted by the waves of Covid, the food production unit opened on May 5, 2022.

A 1,000-ton barge means 37 fewer trucks on the road.

Proximity to the Scheldt Canal in the area where Agriculture uses common products from the agri-food industry This production site makes a strategic location for the cooperative.

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” The Watercourse is a real competitive advantage that makes Neuville-sur-Escaut a Trading platform Francois Riquebush, Director of Animal Production at UNILE COOP. For example, a battleship 1,000 tons like the one passing through this site means no 37 trucks are traded. The canal could receive co-products from industrialists in the area, such as the Cargill or Roquette starch mills located along Deûle and Lys. Scheldt is directly connected to the Belgian port of Ghent, offering a Access to major ports In the area, such as Dunkirk or Rotterdam. The production plant is also located on the Seine-Nord canal route.

Among its 6,000 members, the cooperative includes 2,500 breeders. Yoonel was keen on that Maintaining her subsidiary breeding companyand support its members in challenging food sovereignty in this particular context. “This project shows that even if breeding is denounced on all sides, it makes sense to breed in an area like Hauts-de-France,” insists Adrien Blanchard, the cooperative’s dairy cattle breeder and head of animal production. commission. The area has a lot joint industrial products which would not otherwise be appreciated, and in the face of increase in inputWe realize that the mixed crop and livestock model is important and helps maintain the fertility of the land. »

Optimized site to produce more

The production capacity of the plant has increased from 50,000 to 70,000 tons of feed annually. The increase in production capacity is partly due to logistical improvements, in particular the adjustment of the manufacturing process from system-in before grinding (where each raw material is crushed and then stored separately) into a system in premixWhere food is mixed before grinding. Thus the food manufacturer has succeeded in reducing its storage needs. “We worked on Identify bottlenecks to increase productivity », details by François Ryckebusch. So the site shows 80% of the new equipment, and it is especially automated.

The site now offers a wider production range, with new blends (mashes) and milling (flour, pellets or crumbs) to meet the needs of different types of livestock.

L ‘Neuville-sur-Escaut . Factory It thus comes as a reinforcement to that of Aire-sur-la-Lys, the second in the food manufacturing of the group that has ensured that production is maintained during the works. The goal was to have two sites of the same width to be local production sites for breeders. “We wanted to preserve this industrial knowledge in the region,” defines François Ricbusch.

The renovation of the plant will enable 11 jobs to be maintained and contribute to the functioning of the local economy. In fact, this project responds to the desire of the cooperative Controlling the whole production chainfrom food manufacturing to marketing products through the cooperative network, in mass distribution as in the stores Prize Direct, affiliated with the group advetam.

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