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What we saw was that when we got back on the field, there were injuries just because the body wasn’t ready. We have had injuries due to lack of training and after a great deal of intense training. All teams wanted to make up for lost timeShe explains anxiously in her voice.

Before training begins, a few players sit at the physiotherapist’s table. Anesthetic bomb and bandages are essential. Natalie provides care and advice with utmost care.

Alma Aristild has been playing football for 11 years. The Griffon FC striker explains what she experienced after the breakup.

coach qui doit me dire d’arrêter et de ne pas retourner sur le terrain. Mais pour moi, c’est impossible, je dois absolument jouer.”,”text”:”Moi, je suis quelqu’un qui se blesse vraiment facilement, dit-elle. J’ai eu beaucoup de blessures et cela a accentué les choses. Je me blesse parce que je n’ai rien fait. Il faut dire que le soccer, c’est toute ma vie en plus de mes études en multimédias. Quand je suis blessée, c’est mon coach qui doit me dire d’arrêter et de ne pas retourner sur le terrain. Mais pour moi, c’est impossible, je dois absolument jouer.”}}”>She says I, am a person who gets really easily hurt. I had a lot of injuries and that only made things worse. I hurt myself because I didn’t do anything. It must be said that football is my whole life as well as my studies in multimedia. When I hurt, this is my country coach bus Who is telling me to stop and not go back to the field? But for me, it’s impossible, and I have to play.

I can just stop, calm down, but I want to play a lot. Of course, after the game, as soon as I get home, my ankle hurts, but hey. I know I have to be more careful. When the epidemic returned, you had to earn your place on the university team at any cost, because there is a bonus that comes with it, and you don’t want it, forget your injuries and play. »

Quote from Alma Aristilde, Mont-Royal/Outremont Griffon striker

Goalkeeper Miranda Horne has been playing football since she was six years old. She is now 26 years old. I struggled to resume practices and backlog games.

I think everyone was looking forward to playing, but sometimes when you stop playing, in any situation, it’s a little difficult to start over. During the pandemic, we got into bad habits. Me, I was working remotely and thus I was quite sedentary. It was then necessary to quickly restart the device, but the muscles did not follow. So I’m not surprised by all these woundsas you say.

While the players are training, a substitute goalkeeper comes running and asks the physiotherapist to bandage her ankle, which she just rotated.

I wish he had new pegsShe laughs while Natalie helps her. When asked if she’ll be back in the game, she puts her sock back on her final bandages so quickly that it feels like the game of her life is being played on the field.

Of course I will be back, because it is my passion and my team depends on me. Tonight when I get home, I know the ice is waiting for me, but hey, it’s just an ankle!as you say.

She ran back on the field, but without having previously listened to the warnings of Natalie Barcelo, who had always been good for the health of the athletes, but also through anxiety.

Some, she adds, have been seriously injured, some have had surgery, an Achilles tendon rupture, and an anterior cruciate rupture. We have nerve receptors in our joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles, it’s like the GPS in our body. And if we don’t use it, he won’t understand it anymore. The Global Positioning System (GPS) tells our brain where our bodies are in relation to space.

If we don’t use it for a while, we lose our skill. Even if some train at home during the pandemic, it’s not like finding your own reactions in the face of opponents.

Recovering too quickly, matches and workouts piling up at an intense pace while not too long ago the bodies of all these athletes were still asleep are the negative ingredients that led to this extraordinary rise in injuries. Natalie Barcelo explains that some athletes have had to quit their sport for good after accumulating irreversible injuries. Today, she recommends with extreme caution.

You really have to not push the athletes too much and also remind them to listen to their bodies. If they must rest, they must rest! And above all, feel free to consult, at least to be told what to do and not to do and whether you are on the right track. »

Quote from Natalie Barcelo, Physiotherapist

It should be noted that this abnormal resurgence of injuries after liposuction also affects professional sports. Football, tennis and basketball are just a few examples where we see the big stars fall into the fray once the season resumes. Training camps are no exception.

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