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Since a host of daily events can become a source of stress, it is estimated that stress is undoubtedly one of the biggest health problems of our century, as it leads to some serious diseases. Getting away from him would be a real blessing. Although overcoming stress is difficult, the authors offer a realistic plan to reduce anxiety in just eight weeks.

For some, stress coincides with a major ordeal: loss, job loss, or even financial problems. If these situations certainly generate stress, you should also know that the sources of stress are also found in a host of other things, often minor problems, almost harmless; but if they repeat themselves constantly, they end up breaking our nerves. It could be pressure at work, lack of time or even noise around. It is these small troubles experienced every day that represent, over time, a major challenge in our stress management as they pose a major risk to our health. Chronic illness, anxiety, pain, burning, high blood pressure, insomnia, heart disease and even cancer can all be associated with poorly managed stress.


To learn how to better manage stress, the authors, Linda Lehrhaupt and Petra Meibert suggest practicing yoga and meditation. In their work, Relieve yourself of stressMBSR Consciousness-Based Stress Reduction Program (Consciousness-based stress reductionJon Kabat-Zinn, professor of medicine and internationally renowned teacher.

It is clear that the program invites everyone to commit to living the present moment passively, in order to properly assimilate it and understand its causes. We can then break away from it by taking a certain distance, learning to underestimate drama, and showing wisdom. When you have a lump in your stomach and feel a feeling of suffocation, succumbing to anger, panic, sadness or despair, take a break and focus on your breathing for ten minutes without thinking anything. Then look at your problem as if it were a movie on the big screen. With detachment you can see the problem, without running away from it, but instead examine it as if it were someone else’s problem. And what would you say to this person who is going through the same problem as you to fix it? The mirror is one of the keys to developing the ability to approach difficulties with less negative judgment and more open-mindedness. We are always a better counselor for the problems of others than for our own problems, as this way we are not influenced by our emotions.

Take advantage of a split

Relieve yourself of stress

We all know from the beginning how much a divorce, a separation or even a simple disappointment in love can mark someone with a hot iron and make people suffer terribly. Instead of standing still and being tortured in her grief, the author offers solutions to open her arms and move forward. In 111 lessons, Amy Ransom, who herself has gone through a divorce, offers anyone who is struggling with the emotional hardships of breaking up a relationship the path to acceptance, affirmation and, most of all, to start a new beginning by living longer. independent, being. comfortable with loneliness as he looks to the future with enthusiasm.

Understand each other better

Relieve yourself of stress

The author, Philippe Presles, physician and psychotherapist, makes us realize through the pages of his book how little attention we pay to all the thoughts that can cross our minds in a single day. Sometimes positive thoughts, but often also negative ones. Hence the importance of being aware of it. Our inner voice and the way we look at the world at large is in a way our story made up of our fears, our sufferings and, fortunately also, our dreams and joys. Thus, we offer advice so that our thoughts become our allies and not our enemies in trying to make a satisfying life.

To live healthy

The blow of of the month

Relieve yourself of stress

There are plenty of books to live healthily taking care of our body, so much so that we believe we know everything. However, in this illustrated book we managed to go further by popularizing scientific information. Better understanding of the role of our organs allows us to better choose what we eat, using naturopathy. The book provides a wealth of data on foods that really nourish our bodies, especially eating raw more often. In addition, we are given a wealth of information on essential oils that should be used to live better. A great combination to avoid various ailments like diabetes, headaches, digestive problems, insomnia, and even muscle diseases. The two authors, who are naturopaths, want to simultaneously combine body and earth to live in balance.

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