What do you do when you come across an animal in a vital emergency situation on the street?

Crossing paths with a dog or a cat is a little fun that sometimes comes against the cruelty of life – a bad fall, a bit fierce fight between congeners … Therefore, instead of quickly walking towards the office or nursery of the smallest, you will have to stop for a few minutes and make the best decision to save an animal in Bad condition on the street. But what exactly?

Let’s take an example. Somewhere in Rennes, a cat is run over by an inattentive motorist who does not stop. The animal does not recover from the shock, it dies on the road. Several people go to meet him and discuss what to do to relieve him. The first proposes to call the firefighters but fears the refusal to intervene on their part, another to kill him to lessen his suffering, and a third to contact the road services. This third option is preserved. The municipality is looking after this unfortunate cat for what appears to be the last moments of his life.

what should be done

First of all, it is necessary to check whether the animal can be recognized by a collar, a tattoo in one ear and at the level of the thigh, or a slide – but only the veterinarian can read the latter (when will smartphones be applied?). A cat that walks alone in the city is not always a stray. If its owner can be reached, he will be able to administer the necessary care for his injured little companion. If not, all mayors are responsible for the animals “I found a lost or lost person on municipal land”According to Section R211-12 of the Rural and Marine Fishing Act, they must therefore be taken care of if they are injured on the public highway.

In the case of Rennes, this municipal service is provided by the Chenil de la SACPA located in Bethune. Evenings, nights and weekends, emergency services take over. So you can call the firefighters, the police or the gendarmerie, at any time and on any day of the year, who will tell you what to do to help the unlucky person.

The unidentified animal is then kept for up to eight days in the kennel before it is picked up by its owner or taken to the local SPA to be adopted by a new home. His skin is often found in pets: the kennel secretary posts an ad online on Vigi Pets and they view other platforms, such as Pet Alert, Filalapat, Facebook and Twitter. An injured animal care bill will be handed over to the owner.

It is also possible to go directly to the nearest veterinarian to treat the animal. Marie, a veterinarian who works in a clinic in Rennes, explains that she and her colleagues are responsible for identifying the animal in order to contact its owners. First aid, especially in a life-threatening emergency, is performed regardless of – it is a moral obligation – to stabilize the animal’s condition while awaiting the arrival of owners or municipal services as the case may be.

“You can take an injured stray animal to the vet without fear of having to pay.”

Mary veterinarian

Note that not all vets treat all types of animals. “Animals can only be treated within the limits of our competence: dog, cat, rodentMary says. For birds and wildlife, it is best to turn to certain services such as the Bird Conservation Association. “ You can also contact the French Office for Biodiversity (OFB, formerly known as ONCFS) to find out how to do animal assistance without injuring yourself. It’s good to know if a bird has collapsed on your balcony after getting stuck in the window mid-flight.

Another animal likely to be on our streets: the hedgehog. The Boules Épiques Association has put all the resources on its site to help those who seem to be in poor shape. “Never give milk to a hedgehog, it can cause fatal colic. Give him sugar water instead. It is illegal in France to keep hedgehogs in captivity. And it has an impact on animal welfare and health.” Furthermore, unlike the epinal picture, you should never give milk from another animal (most commonly cow’s milk) to a cat or dog, at risk of causing diarrhea.

Another clarification from Mary you should keep in mind: “You can take an injured stray animal to the vet without fear of having to pay.” In fact, it is the owners, or the town hall, who will foot the bill. No excuse to let a twinkle wrestle with a broken leg on the street, especially if the closet is in your way.

Tightening the legal framework

Sometimes it is necessary to solve euthanasia, when the animal suffers so much and there is no possibility to save it, as in the case of a crushed skull or a broken spine. This is the very likely outcome of the fate of our poor cat who was cited as an example at the beginning of the article, after his very close encounter with a car. Her body is then placed in the freezer, while waiting for the owner to present himself and choose how to dispose of it (serving or individual burning). Euthanasia performed by a specialist allows the animal to die without pain or anxiety, leaving the most agreeable body for its family.

Have you not forgotten the person who proposes to kill our dear cat to end his suffering? You will know that, having recently tightened the legal framework surrounding animal abuse, she will be liable in court if a complaint is filed against her. No living being deserves a rough, rough ending (we give you the possible possibilities), and that would also make the grief of humans all the more excruciating. Since summoning does no harm, like a person driving a deadly car:

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Unintentionally injuring or killing an animal Punishable by a fine of 450 euros. This applies whether the injury or death was caused by folly, negligence, negligence, negligence or failure to comply with the duty of safety or precaution required by law. A person who voluntarily kills, tames or keeps a pet, unnecessarily, openly or without it, is liable to a fine of 1,500 euros. In case of repeating the violation, the person incurs a fine of 3000 euros. The bill aimed at combating animal abuse and strengthening the link between animals and humans, adopted by the Senate on November 18, 2021, plans to tighten “A crime, the premeditated act of killing or taming a pet.” So, even if the necessity can be debated given the cat’s torment, abstain.

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