What if working in downtown Montreal made our lives easier?

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What if working in downtown Montreal made our lives easier? For many, it has now been two years since the majority of the work has been done at home. We’ve taken on new, more familial habits. For some of us, the social circle has also gotten tighter. But now it’s time to get back to work in the office and the new adjustment can be intimidating. Life before it resumes and we must, once again, tame the habits we have lost.

When you think about it now, you wonder how, above all, at work, you managed to find the time to do everyday tasks like grocery shopping, going to the cleaners or updating the bouncer.. dress.

So, thinking about finding services or tips to make it easier to get back into the office, we decided to take downtown Montreal as an example, which is also synonymous with shops and office life. By doing a little research, we have found a large number of companies that, among their missions, have a mission to make your office life easier, whether in terms of rebuilding your social life with colleagues, simplifying everyday tasks or even taking care of yourself.

5 services to make life easier when you return to work in downtown Montreal

1- Save time and take care of yourself

In the fall of 2020, Ivanhoé Cambridge, which owns several buildings including shopping malls, office towers and hotels, launched an app available to all tenants, with the aim of informing and engaging them (contests, services, offers, parking, etc.). To complete the mobile application, Ivanoi Cambridge called do todayA guard services company that frees users from everyday tasks. Whether you’re in the office or even work from home, services include: personal shopping with a focus on local products, maintenance and cleaning services, consumer goods delivery, as well as virtual sports and other luxury workshops, or even car sharing.

2- Renew your wardrobe

And if your professional wardrobe is worth a little Update? With Classy MarieWomen’s clothing rental service, delivered directly to your home or office. It’s simple, sign up on their website, and choose your classic plan or bidder, by month, semester or year, at a reduced price, and choose up to 9 pieces the way you want, from over 800 different pieces. Plus, as you complete the survey, find out He should To adopt it according to your characteristics and desires. Then pick up your box, put the clothes on, and send them off whenever you like. And then you just have to start over. We say new products every month without having to buy them Go!

3- Deliver your purchases to the office or home

To simplify your grocery store for fresh, local produce, Lofa Farms Offer to deliver responsible baskets made up of local farm foods. Simply sign up for the weekly baskets and order from our online farmers market. If you live in Montreal, you can have it delivered to your home. But if you live out of town, get it to the office, it’s super easy. No more coordinating being at home or commuting, you are handed and jump in the trunk. why not? Whether it’s lettuce from their farm in Anjou or chicken breasts from Farm Les Voltieurs In Drummondville you can find everything you need online.

4- Laundry service in your office

For all those who have neither time nor energy to do laundry work, laundry service Daust Valley Pick up your suitcase at the office and return it clean and folded. Gone are the times when you forget about washing in the washer and laundry waiting in the dryer, ready to fold. No more putting on a clean sweater to wear to the next meeting. Whether you’re the type of person who keeps changing at the office, or just don’t want to put extra pressure on your shoulders with your daily laundry, this service is for you and will save you tons of time!

5 – Ask what you want

with the app geniusConnect with a personal assistant and discover all on-demand services from one place. Simply send an instant message to their website, Facebook or Instagram and ask for whatever you want (as long as it’s legal.) A few ideas: bring a quick bite kit to the office, clean your house, or take back and assemble a piece of Ikea furniture before you get home. You can also order a gift for your Mother’s Day in a few hours, or have us pick the next bedtime book based on your list of favourites. Make a wish, Jenny is here!

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