What you need to know about the future sports complex of Lahitolle, in Bourges

Remained on the sidelines in recent years, the construction of a sports complex in Lahitol, in Bourges, is on the back foot. The file was put into public view in 2017, when it was due to be delivered at the beginning of the 2019 academic year, the file faced two obstacles: the location and management of sports equipment. In the meantime, there has been a change of governance at the helm of the Bourges Plus conglomerate community, the carrier of the project, and the appointment of a new management at Insa Center-Val de Loire, the first supporter of the arrival of a neighborhood gymnasium.

Architects can already work on the project

If the target is still far away, the table becomes clearer. Commissioned by Bourges Plus, the contracting authority whose authorities have just approved the programme, Sem Territoria has launched a project management competition for the construction of the sports complex, which will include a gym, dojo and bodybuilding.

“The selection process will take place in two phases, with three finalists pre-selected, in particular on the basis of their references, before the winner is determined, anonymously, on the basis of drawings, by the end of the year,” explains Patrick Barnier, Bourges Plus Vice President in charge of Higher Education and Research. and technology transfer.The start of work is scheduled for 2024, with delivery at the beginning of the 2025 academic year.

This new location, still very close to Ensa, allows the school not to impede its development prospects.

The sports equipment will finally land at the corner of rue de la Salle-d’Armes and Rue Maurice-Roy, on a plot of land that must be cleaned first. It was initially shown in the immediate vicinity of the Engineering School. “This new location, which despite everything is still very close to Insa, allows the school not to impede its development prospects,” continues Patrick Barnier.

Four million euros in public money

There is also an icon behind this relative distance between the Insa-Val-de-Loire Center and the future sports facility. Fully funded by the communities, with a “holy funding plan” that, according to Patrick Barnier, provides €2 million from the district, €1 million from the county council and like many of the Bourg-Place, the equipment will not be reserved for Ensa.

“This equipment should benefit all students in the pool, INSA students, as part of their course of study or through sports federations, and others,” says Patrick Barnier. The operation of this equipment, financed with public money, must be improved to best serve the public interest. »

“This sports complex is eagerly awaited, especially since we have a high-level sports sector that requires high-quality equipment. »

Jan Chamillard Director of the Insa Center Val de Loire

The Insa Center-Val de Loire, whose needs and numbers have grown since its inception in 2014, from the merger of Ensib and the Val de Loire engineering school in Blois, will remain the main users. “Sport is an integral part of our training, and at the moment the teacher responsible for this teaching has to reconcile the different infrastructures, which are clearly not ideal in terms of operation, explains Yann Chamaillard., Director of the INSA Center” -Val de Loire , an institution with more than 800 students. This sports complex is eagerly awaited, especially since we have a high-level sports sector that requires high-quality equipment. »

Beroyer clubs can do well

While a management and use agreement must be drawn up prior to handing over the sports complex between Bourg Place and Ansa Center-Val de Loire, the city of Bourg can see this as an opportunity to simplify the endless puzzle of allocating slots for berruyers clubs.

“With the expansion, in particular, of martial arts and combat sports clubs in recent years, we do our best to offer gymnasiums and club schedules every season, but it is too complicated to satisfy everyone. The world, Renaud Bott, sports assistant for the city of Bourges, explains. … it is clear that any additional opening would be good to take it in a tense context. Let’s see however the terms that are to be proposed.”

Benjamin Gardel

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