When you move, productivity increases

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A yoga lesson in the Beaulieu Décor Activity Room with Claudie Ole of Sky Boutique-Ecole.

A recent survey of 300 managers of Quebec small and medium businesses conducted by ACTIZ revealed that 28% of managers were concerned about employee retention in 2021 compared to 10% in 2020.

Among the employers surveyed, 56% considered it important to put in place measures to facilitate physical activity at work to increase employee well-being and retention. For them, this will improve the mental health of troops by 80%, improve stress and anxiety management by 78%, promote a healthy and safe work environment by 73% and improve team spirit by 69%. In light of this data and advice provided on Actiz.ca, an initiative of the Quebec Ministry of Education and M361, the Beaulieu Decoration Team in Rimouski has bet on the physical form of its employees to increase happiness at work and, in turn, performance.

Christian Desrosier, athletic trainer, in a personal training session at Beaulieu Décor gymnasium.

Christian Desrosier, athletic trainer, in a personal training session at Beaulieu Décor gymnasium.

By happy coincidence, she and her team became aware of Actiz’s recommendations, on actiz.ca, just before the pandemic, when they had been contemplating setting up a gym for the company, explains Barbara LaClergerie, director of marketing at Beaulieu Decor. “We have quite a few athletic directors on base, so we thought we could better integrate physical activity into our company to manage stress and team spirit among our employees and that they would somehow become innate leaders for them. We decided, in addition to a gym dedicated to a more restricted class of willing employees. In doing sports with a sports coach, offering a variety of activities for all tastes and levels: yoga, group walking, gathering, treasure hunting with the family, etc. »

Marianne Lacharette Lemieux, kinesiologist and expert at Actiz, specifies that above all we should avoid seeing the integration of physical activity in the workplace as mountains. “It is best to gradually start taking small, inexpensive steps and adapt,” she comments. “Sometimes it is enough to set up a small room with a few mats and balls, to allow for looser clothing that promotes sports and to provide healthy breaks to stretch your legs. Contact a kinesiologist who will assess The specific needs of your team based on their individual fitness level and interests to make recommendations. Making time for sports is often counterintuitive, but increases productivity, because people feel better and have a better sense of belonging and team spirit.”

“As far as we are concerned, Beaulieu Décor’s Director of Marketing concludes, integrating physical activity within the company is the best lever we have been able to activate as an employer brand. We are fortunate, despite the labor shortage, that our employees have remained loyal, but many have retired On the way and we must remain attractive to hiring and retaining employees.By implementing these measures we allow employees to save time by exercising during their working hours and also develop unexpected consistency.People have understood the importance of work-life balance during a pandemic and employers must adapt . »

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