Who is Luis Campos, the next head of the sports sector?

Following the departure of Leonardo, PSG is expected to choose Louis Campos to take over the club’s sporting management. His closeness to Kylian Mbappe has a huge influence on his appointment, as well as his impressive successes at Monaco and Lille.

Paris Saint-Germain began a new revolution in an exciting way this weekend by extending Kylian Mbappe before ousting Leonardo, the sporting director, just hours later. The Brazilian’s departure appears to have been part of a new scheme for the Parisian sports project that is less focused on luster, and more coherent. In this capacity, Luis Campos, close to Mbappe since his joint visit to Monaco, should soon be appointed to a position whose title has not yet been determined. The Portuguese became famous in the French championship, where he participated in the failure of … Paris Saint-Germain’s plans.

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It was he who built the Monaco team (2013-2016), and was crowned champion in 2017 … a year after leaving Campos. It was he who recruited Bernardo Silva, Ronnie Lopez, Fabinho, Joao Moutinho or Thomas Lemar. He was still Lille’s coronation architect in 2021… a year after his passing (2017-2020). Campos was involved in the arrival of Renato Sanchez, Burak Yilmaz or Benjamin Andre. At the age of 57, the Portuguese touched almost all football careers. Assistant, coach, observer (at Real Madrid on orders from Jose Mourinho), recruiter, then sporting director … Since leaving the North, he has worked as a consultant for Mouscron and Celta Vigo.

A very different PSG mission for this trading expert

As a trading expert, he stood out for his ability to recruit players at affordable prices before making solid sales gains a few years later. The mission in Paris will be different: the club does not seek to speculate, it wants to win titles and needs the best to achieve it. “In Monaco or Lille, he manages to do business and make purchases or sales, confirms Nicolas Vilas, Portuguese football specialist on Twitch Live 7/7 from RMC Sport (every day from 5 pm to 9 pm, on RMC Sport). twitch. . ) There were also less successful shots. There was his touch. He arrived at a club where the objective is completely different. He wasn’t there to do business, not to evaluate players even if you had financial fair play and there were necessities attached to that, it really is there. to win.”

One of his tasks is to appoint the next coach and sell players, who are well settled in Paris due to the lack of playing time. Leonardo broke his teeth there and his failure to downsize his workforce (Kurzawa, Draxler…) also weighed in on the scales from his departure. Even Neymar is not safe from moving. Campos experience will count in a given context. In Paris, sports management is also determined in high places. And Campos, the owner of the character, does not like to interfere.

Nicholas Vilas recalls: “Whether he was in Monaco or Lille, he had his hand in everything and had an opinion in everything. As soon as there was a conflict of interest, we saw him in Lille with Marc Ingla, there was a direct confrontation. Lopez decided and it ended up leaving Angela, Campos left too. He’s someone who needs a certain hand and strength. We’ve seen in PSG in recent years – with Antero Henrique or Leonardo – that sometimes interference. I’m very curious See how PSG managed to convince him to come and especially How will this intercourse happen. PSG is that kind of a two-headed monster.”

What guarantees Campos .. Who loves his freedom?

Campos may have obtained certain guarantees in his field of work. His past successes and high market rating beg for him. His commitments with PSG too since he was in the petty cards of Parisian decision makers in 2016. The deal was not sealed but Campos hasn’t lost any credit since then.

“He is a man who has touched everything, assures Vilas. He knows what it means to be a coach, sporting director, observer and physical coach because he has put in place the physical preparation programmes. He knows behind the scenes, running and managing the club. He has held talks with clubs like Roma in recent years.” It was also talked about at Manchester United. He turned down a lot of clubs because he liked his freedom and to continue consulting work, but also because he knew that he did not necessarily have the decision-making power in these clubs. When Antero came to Paris Saint-Germain, he was told “You will come and you will choose. But in three years he has never appointed his coach. I dare imagine that he (Campos) will have a say in the future PSG coach. I don’t see how we can convince him to come without having that first guarantee.”

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