Why do cats like women more than men?

In general, cats love to be hugged, pampered, and pampered. The more signs of affection they receive, the more reassured and confident they will feel. If a cat lives in a large family, then in most cases the animal will sympathize with the owner of the house. In some cases, men are preferred, but this is very rare. Because in the vast majority of cases, all breeds are combined, these kittens set their sights on women. According to a scientific study, the cat is more easily attached to the female sex. How do we explain this intense correlation? We tell you everything.

All cat owners know that these creatures are not always easy to spot. They have a strong temperament and the relationship doesn’t always flow naturally. It is not enough to feed them hope for eternal recognition or unwavering devotion. They have their own rules and their instinct especially drives them towards the sweetest people, those who give them the most attention. Thus, they find it easier to associate themselves with women rather than men. The results of the study show that this distinctive relationship is explained by the fact that women will be softer, more patient, more tactile and more conspicuous. Thus, having it in the house will please the cat, who will tend to recognize it more easily.

woman cuddling a cat

Woman hugging a cat – Source: spm

Who could be the closest cat in the house?

Experts believe that the cat, when choosing its “person”, is guided by the family members most similar to him, both in behavior and character.

Females have a gentler, softer voice that does not sound threatening. Unlike men who not only have a stronger tone, but also lively movements. For cats, these people are not always reassuring. Kindness or sensitivity are clearly not exclusively feminine traits. But do not forget that it is often the women who take care of the animal and give it food. Thus they seem less rushed and more willing than men to give time and attention to an animal.

Important thing to know: A cat loves its comfort zone and its daily routine. Also, habits play an important role in this integrative relationship. Since interactions are more common with women, through its memory of expressing affection, the cat knows who to go to when it needs affection or to express something specific. He knows that his mistress will give in more easily than his master to his petty whims. But this does not mean that he does not like men. In general, if the owner finds a common language with his pet, the cat will reciprocate.

It’s also interesting to think that nature is well-made: if a dog remains man’s best friend, then a cat will be a woman’s cat!

The cat sleeps with the human

A cat sleeping with a human – Source: spm

9 signs that your cat loves you

1. He treats you as if you were a cat? So rest assured, he really does care about you. In fact, when he does not feel threatened by other cats, he shows affection by rubbing against them or sleeping near them. Also, if your cat reproduces these behaviors by sleeping near you even in their presence, then the specialists assure that it is a true testament to love.

2. Does he rub you a lot? It’s a “wake up sign” that your cat has connected you to her inner circle.

3. If he follows you everywhere, from room to room, he wants to stay with you and not leave you!

4. Comes to your bedroom while you are sleeping? Some cats are sometimes threatened by the size of a human. As a result, they may feel more secure when lying in bed. It is a weak position and is reassuring for cats.

5. When happy, a cat tends to blink slowly and softly. If you imitate this gesture, you connect with him and he will greatly appreciate this special moment.

6. Does he often knead his paws against you like a kitten? Therefore, he is a real proof of affection and trust towards you. Have you ever seen your cat in and out with its front paws? It’s a gesture that kittens make when they want their mom to release milk, they identify you with their mom!

7. According to experts, “meowing” is a way for cats to communicate with people. This is a very effective method your cat uses to stretch your heart strings and force you to give up. It’s hard not to resist his rotten face. This is how he communicates for attention, hugs, or rewards.

8. Does he show you his stomach? Know that exposing the abdomen is a sign of relaxation and self-confidence. Or maybe he just told you that he wanted to play with you.

9. Does he enjoy showing you his tail? Again, the meaning of this gesture depends on each cat. According to experts, some will wag their tails when angry. However, it can also be a sign of affection.

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