Why do earthworms eat like bees? – BLOG

Animals – feed earthworms! But beware, food is not a pollination process. Forage comes from plunder and pollination from pollen. Pollination is the fertilization of pollen grains. Wind pollination without feed! “Soldiers dispersed in search of fodder. Let’s hurry to the forage.” Voltaire. Fodder is stealing, plundering, but also collecting or pecking. In this sense, the earthworm feeds.

It feeds, but without storing a portion of its plunder like bee honey. I define it with honey, because it is from the rare bees that make some of it on the nearly 1000 species that live in France.

There are nearly twice as many bee species as birds, but only one species produces honey for heating or feeding. Others consumed instantly like an earthworm. Or they pass on their spoils to feed their brothers, sisters or grandchildren. What does an earthworm do? He is lonely giving up his eggs to their fate!

His only social activity is sexual activity. But there again, he’s very sober, only mating mates like all primitive hermaphrodites. And to get the details, they toss each other at the base of the neck compared to the morphology of the horse. And almost all of them practice the pose from head to tail. Almost all of them, because even among earthworms, diversity prevails.

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