Why does the parrot repeat everything we say?

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Posted by Lauren Bekele On May 18, 2022 at 2:34 pm

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After I wonder if Fish can be thirstyToday, we are interested in the reasons why the parrot repeats everything that is said. in your opinion, Why does the parrot repeat everything we say?


Why does the parrot repeat everything we say?

well known, The parrot repeats everything we say! But although it is known to everyone, few are familiar with it the reason Explain why this bird exists Able to repeat what people say. Furthermore, completely ! Together we will do it Uncover this mystery.

First of all, you should know that Parrots have excellent imitation abilities. This climbing bird With its brightly colored plumage it is very social and especially talkative. We can’t say he knows how to speak our language, but he knows on the other hand Repeat with amazing accuracy! The parrot already has a lot of appetite, in fact, it is possible to do soLearn, remember and make sounds and he sometimes words But under well-defined conditions.

On the other hand, we cannot find this talent of imitator in all types of parrots, some of them are only able to reproduce certain sounds of nature. But How do parrots succeed in repeating what they hear? It all comes down to heard them Who happens to be abnormal.

In fact, being monogamy The parrot that stays suddenly With the same partner all his lifeHe should Develops good hearing to recognize a partner’s cry in the constant noise of its environment.

Second, knowing how to repeat everything also allows them to do so The ability to deceive potential predators. In this case, they are very attentive birds, so they warn each other at the slightest possibility of a threat. Currently, there are very few studies on the natural language of these animals. For good reason, as soon as humans get close, they alert by screaming.

and physiological point of viewIf parrots are good at repeating everything according to the famous magazine science and lifethat would be thanks to the amazing association withspecial anatomy And’Regulating the indispensable brainand then give the word. If they can imitate human words, it is simply thanks “syrinx” Located at the bottom of the trachea (equivalent to throat in humans). In fact, it has Three pairs of muscles in the membrane shaped like an eardrum, which So it produces a sound when exhaled air passes through.

Regarding for muscles allow them It alters the constriction of the sphincter by placing the membrane in tensionThan Changes the intensity and frequency of the sounds produced. In addition, parrots have Flexible and somewhat thick tongue, reminds us of the strength of man. It moves back and forth, vertically or horizontally, it This is the language that allows parrots to purify their voices.

If a person revolves around him when? The bird is still young He might succeed Learn to reproduce human speech Thanks to social ability and for Fulfillment Shown by the animal.

at the current hour, parrots those who have imitator’s greatest talent be amazon parrots south america And African Jacques (also called Gabon Gray).

Now you know why parrots are so talkative!

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