With him, the dog is the one who knows and takes a step

“This engagement with the dog was magical. It resonated deep within me.”

As an adult, who has other (former) professions, enters the army, leaves, works in a training center. He has the flair. Feel the wind in the security dog’s sails. Certifying his canine training ability with the bite, he steps in at Saint-Gervais-d’Auvergne (Puy-de-Dôme), the certified centre, who, regularly called out, becomes a decoy in his Bibendum’s dog training outfit.

Franz Thielen: “A meeting with a guide made me discover other sides of the dog.”

Laurent Thelet / “Southwest”

“It was all very subtle and very stereotypical,” sighs Franz Thielen, who wanted to be able to see beyond. “He wagging his tail, he’s happy, he’s roaring, he’s mean.” Then he changed his private and professional life, and established his first aid and fire training company.

Other aspects of the dog

In the early 2000s, he had a crucial encounter with his mentor, who introduced him to other aspects of the animal with a sheepdog. He follows and then leads the courses. It is an intimate disturbance. “This engagement with the dog was magical. It reverberated deep within me, simmering in my guts. It’s hard to explain because it’s a supernatural relationship.”

His childhood is back to the surface. It’s not the same method of communication, the same culture or logic. But when you reach such a symbiosis, it resembles a clown fish and an anemone. He knows, in hindsight, that he wasn’t ready in 2005 when he welcomed SSE, who has since joined a host of sponsors.

Sørren and Åsse, two Australian Shepherds, are Frantz Thielen's partners in training other dogs.

Sørren and Åsse, two Australian Shepherds, are Frantz Thielen’s partners in training other dogs.

Laurent Tillet / “Southwest”

He doesn’t make the same mistakes with Nils. In 2011, this time he decided to live the relationship “to the fullest”. “It was life with a capital V. I raised him as a child, with a framework, prohibitions and above all, time and freedom to express himself,” explains this father of twins.

fusion relationship

He was a life companion. I was not his master but rather his guide in a world that was not his to begin with, but he was able to adapt to with incredible ease. Share my sorrows, my fears, my joys. We had a close relationship. He has “pocket-packed tales” like those of Nils stopping to let an old lady out of a store.

The concept of education came later. A little by chance. On the balcony of a cafe, on the street, eyewitnesses to this strong complicity come to interrogate him. “They were breathless,” describes the behaviorist. “They wanted to achieve the same with their dog. He said no for a long time.” I had no words. You know how I feel, not to explain. “Until the day I touched the story of a young woman and her Collie Borod, left by her ex-husband. “While I didn’t know how to set the price, say how long it would take, and that I didn’t have a business card, I was his only hope.” »

“It was my dog ​​who acted as a go-between, and interfered with entering into contact with the other dog to gain his trust”

“I asked Niels if he agreed, and it started like this,” explains Franz Thielen. “I ridiculed them. They were side by side.” It was attached to a kind of 30 cm long umbilical cord.” The principle is simple. It was my dog ​​who acted as a go-between, interfering with the communication with the other dog to gain his trust. It was Niels who brought the other and led his pupil. The young woman and her border collie are now in osmosis and are even doing the rhythmic obesity work!

Hundreds of Angels

“We have put him on the right track,” summarizes Frantz Thelin. “I thought maybe there was a niche. Finally, I had my live business card. He’s helped hundreds of owners since then. Words of mouth worked, and posted videos and tips on his Facebook page as well.

Frantz Thielen admits that he lives

Frantz Thielen admits he has a “supernatural relationship” with his dogs.

Laurent Thelet / “Southwest”

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