Writer François Blais is no more

“It is an immeasurable grief that the L’instant meme family learned about the death of François Blais. Words fail to express our concern for his decision, we who have had the immense privilege of knowing François since the publication of his first novel in 2006. To some extent, we have the impression that we grew up with him, invited to share his universe which is both cynical and gentle. The world of letters in Quebec is richer, more vibrant and more beautiful because François dared to shake some of its foundations. Our thoughts are with his family and loved ones, who now have to live with the absence of a brother, a son, a friend.

François, we already miss him “, we can read on the Facebook page of the Instant editions themselves.

The author from Quebec died at the age of 49 on Friday night on Saturday, at his home in Charette in Mauritius, where he had lived since 2016 with his sister. Joined by of You need, publisher Geneviève Pigeon said she learned the news Saturday morning from the writer’s sister. It was through social media that the news spread on Sunday morning even before the Blais family made the official announcement.

“I preferred the family to dictate the pace of the announcement and the choice of words,” said Ms. Pellumb, shocked by the news. I have known François for almost 15 years, he is also a friend, because beyond the editorial relationship, there are human relationships. I spoke with the family this morning to make sure we could talk about it and if they were happy with the fact that we could say it was François’s decision. »

A genre for every book

Born on January 3, 1973, in Grand-Mère, François Blais lives in Quebec, where he works as a freelance translator, when he published his first book in 2006, the epistolary novel. Ifigenia in the upper town, at the very moment of which he became one of the characters. He will publish a new novel every year without ceasing to recreate himself. After much observed Mrs. Valerie’s class (2013), where he recounts the fate of 25 classmates over 20 years, he flirts with the police investigation inSat (2014). In his latest novel, The only thing that interests everyone (2021), he returns to science fiction.

“He needed literary challenges, that’s what motivated him,” said Geneviève Pigeon. Each book corresponded to a literary genre à la François Blais. For example, Leaflet 1, is a travel novel with characters who travel but do not move. It illustrates well what François Blais was: an author who rolled up his sleeves and rushed into literature. »

In 2018, inspired by a 1994 news story, he published his most personal novel, A book about Mélanie Cabay: “It’s his most personal novel in which he puts himself in danger, he promotes the editor. It is said that authors always speak for themselves; in this case he speaks with much introspection about himself, but also about his generation, about being a man in the West today. »

From 2016 to 2020, he also published four short-lived youth novels; owing to Lake Adelardillustrated by Iris, won the Governor-General’s Prize for Children’s Literature in French – text and the Prix Libraire Jeunesse in the 12-17 age category.

“After a speech that was perceived as very cynical, very slow, he was a being full of tenderness and weakness who observed the human race and its relatives with a sincere look. At the same time, he talked about his pets and his simple little pleasures with knowledge of life. There was a balance that seems fascinating and irreplaceable between head and heart. François chose to express himself in writing, so he rejoiced. Being read also made her deeply happy and the best honor we can give her is to keep reading her, to laugh with her when she is funny, to cry with her when she is sad and to try to see the world with his eyes, for it is the most beautiful. the legacy he left us “, concludes Geneviève Pigeon.

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