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Let’s put priorities in the right place. Keep resolutions from January 1, it doesn’t make sense, chances of success are virtually non-existent. think about it!

The day after a series of parties, after overeating, in the cold, in the snow, all punctuated by physical and mental exhaustion, this is not the time to make demanding changes. Will not work.

What is the right time? right Now.

simple picnic

Finally heat, good weather and very green and beautiful nature present themselves in the background to exercise, tone muscles and even treat small bulges.

A simple daily walk will change your life. Most municipalities divide the budget into four to develop parks and trails, and it’s free, it’s up to you to run, “throw a ball”, pass your ball or even play frisbee. Come on, get out. It seems to me that we are tired of forced shutdown, loner.

at your fingertips

Go buy yourself a bike. You don’t have to choose the 2000 piasse power tool. Good bike…used if needed.

Discover your neighborhood like you’ve never seen it before. Not the Tour de France there. Just a nice, gentle walk spying on your neighbors.

Otherwise, discover Montreal and its countless trails and angles simply by renting a Bixi on a Saturday afternoon. You’ll get used to it.

It’s a beautiful sport on TV, but it’s so cool to feel like we’re doing well for our bodies while having fun. Reconnect with that extra pleasure of a good after-sweat shower. Then your cold beer will be better than ever.

The universe is yours, jump into it. Would you like to spend five hours on a golf course? Go and spend an hour or two in the practice area.

wide? Try a kayak, we rent it on several beaches of our rivers.

Go fishing. For example, near Saint-Lambert, a lot of people throw their stripes from the shore and catch yellow perch and even walleye.

Be aware, there are plenty of places to pamper yourself on a nice outing with family or friends. Now that we all have a camera in our cell phone, take the opportunity to take beautiful pictures of your loved ones, and even your dog.

Be in the know, I’m sure there are plenty of tennis courts available and very close to your house.


Do you like sports, do it. Go by your measurements, according to your abilities, but give your body a gift. All it’s missing is a little self-kick in the ass to get started. I know you are attractive. you will never regret

Patios and terraces are all well and good, but you have to earn it.

And yes, walking is a sport.

out of pocket

Shane Wright

QMI’s photo, Dominic Chan

Shane Wright

  • Shane Wright He’s an excellent hockey player, but you also know he has a personality that’s out of the ordinary. The Kingston Frontenacs made him the youngest captain in OHL history, at the age of 15, he had imagined. A formidable and wonderful leader between the ears!
  • In 1995, North Sold for $75 million. Today they have a fortune of $630 million and they may be on their way to their third Stanley Cup Championship.
  • happy birthday. 96 years ago today, for $50 million, the NHL gave a second franchise to New York City. They will be called R .Angers. In nearly a century, they have won the cup only four times. Not strong, blueshirts.
  • When he came to the Canadian Juniors at the age of 15, Serge Savard It was the right wing. With that frame, we quickly turned him into a defender.
  • this year Canadian Grand Prix It will be held on Sunday 19 June. It will be Father’s Day if you are looking for a gift.
  • Reader Dennis Corcelle suggests to Mayor Valerie Plante that it become Gay Street in Montreal Jay Jay Jay. Wonderful!
  • The Sports Association of Alhambra in Quebec (ASSQ) will be welcomed Canada Games for the Deaf Next July in the Montreal region. Deaf or hard of hearing and athlete, visit the site.
  • Times are changing. Your golf club manager can operate the sprinklers from his smartphone while you dine at the restaurant.
  • Denise Labric (Régie des sports de Combat) He came back from Lake Saint-François with a great perch fishing.
  • Intense sports weeks for youth this summer. Three hours of tennis per day and three hours of multi-sports (skiing, football, badminton, volleyball, etc.) at Complexe Sportif de Longueuil. Find out, it’s special.

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