Your lucky animal according to astrology!

The animal kingdom calls itself to heaven. Be it pets, animals or wild beings, humans have always tried to represent themselves in terrestrial animals. Many zodiac signs are named after animals, but each zodiac sign has its own lucky charm!

The following list will help you find a lucky charm in the image of your totem animal and why there are no ideas for adopting your next pet!

Your totem animal according to astrological lore


As for the habitat of this sign, the animal dedicated to it is the sheep and, not surprisingly, the ram! Their assertive and gentle character is a common trait with rural ruminants. Simple, but resolute character, solid courage is valued in these animals, as well as in people of the same sign. From now on, you will have good support during insomnia: Count the sheep!

the Bull

The calmer sign of the zodiac is also directly represented by an animal puppet: cattle. The cow and the bull, the feeding animals par excellence, which are appreciated by farmers, have enabled humans to develop their sedentary lifestyle and their ability to live in a community. Like their favorite animal, Taurus residents do not like risks and prefer to stay with the herd, peacefully and socially. But forget the thought of bothering them! They see red when you chase after them. On the other hand, they are prone to seduction. As the saying goes, “Shake the cow before you milk it.”


The animals that represent people born under the sign of Gemini are migratory birds and butterflies. These light creatures are fast and move quickly. They are destined for travel and movement thanks to the influence of Mercury. It flies without looking back and is hard to catch. Like you, dear Gemini.


Crabs and crustaceans are the undisputed inspiration for this star sign. Cancer patients are sensitive and tender, which is why their shell protects them. Their changing moods like the tides are regulated by the moon and sometimes make them adorable, sometimes aggressive. But we will always love them as they are, because a crab cannot be taught to walk straight.


Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s. The Sun King of the zodiac is itself the best representation of its majestic image. Their natural, sparkling enthusiasm gives them an infectious vitality. Their nobility is matched by their pride, and beware of the wretched who dare to offend His Majesty, for if you say that a lion is a donkey, go and put a halter on him!


Virgo is a pet sign. Service is at the heart of this sign which represents altruism and what each person gives to the community. The dog, man’s best friend, represents absolutely pure energy. Faithful and helpful, he accompanies his master all his life. An example of modesty.


One of the most magical signs of the zodiac is the lizard. Lizards are animals with variable temperatures. They have to find their own balance to survive! What they have in common! Bask in peace in the beautiful nature of Libra, and this suits you well!

The scorpion

Represented by the animal named after him, the scorpion has a cautious nature and a constant intuitive. He is also a formidable opponent if you dare to provoke him, because he will attack and his bite will be fatal. So stay on the good side, which is the good side of friends. They will make it up to you.


Half horse and half man. Horses are the image of people born under this constellation. Courageous, philosophical and blind optimist, their drive is unparalleled. Unfortunately, it is not tenderness or tact that is their first characteristic. Like a workbench animal, when unleashed it can spell disaster. But as they say, on a particular horse, do not look at the teeth!


Imagine a goat on a mountain. It fights the weather and climbs to the top without falling apart. Capricorns are in their element here. No challenge frightens them, no compulsion stops them. Like the creature from the heights, they advance. An animal that is not valued at fair value but saves!


The eagle is the totem animal of the penultimate sign of the astrological mandala. It is able to have a global aerial view of every situation, such as the home of Aquarius. This diurnal predatory bird is frighteningly ferocious, and its coldness is as chilling as an Aquarius who sees himself as a paradox. The eagle does not give birth to the dove!


If you think that this ocean creature has no virtues, then try to hunt it underwater! Elusive and secretive, Pisces live in their own reality, but if you can get their attention, happiness will be with you. They are kind and laugh when they feel confident, they will be like a fish in the water!

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