YouTuber by Châteaudun Caroline Rouxel publishes her lifestyle box

“It simply came to our notice then. I see an object and it “tilts” in my head if I connect it with something. »

Welcome to the world of Caroline Rouxel, 45-year-old Dunoise, who has been hosting her Youtube channel dedicated to life since 2017 and professionally since 2019. And especially his life.

In fact, she “vlogon”. Understand: keep a video blog, where, depending on the mood of the moment, gives decorating tips, talks about meeting the hairdresser, shares her vacation, talks about scratches on the glasses that drive her crazy, explains how to get back. a towel on a teddy bear, talks about her new broom, shows her house…

A box to diversify

In short, she tells her friends how to find her. almost everything for him almost everything in everyday life. And what he liked so much. She has 15,000 subscribers to her Youtube channel and makes money this way.

So for now, she is not making a fortune, but is fully committed to it after giving up on it. his professional activities before. She shoots almost every day and modifies her own videos on her computer.

Caroline Rouxel originally wanted to become a schoolteacher. With the competition in hand, she went no further. “I thought it was not for me,” she later became a special education teacher. Brodas Foundation in; Châteaudun. She then worked as an education assistant for fifteen years. “” Basically, I’ve always been drawn to the artist, “she said.

Is Châteaudun HRD the new mayor of the company? Alltricks?

And in fact, it has always been introduced to online adventures. In 2011: his first song was released on July 4, thanks to internet users. Caroline Rouxel, the stage name Carolynesky, sings “You do not look at me”, produced thanks to the website of the Belgian community Akamusic. “The music was a blast,” she smiles, thinking again.

This time, she is marketing a box of “The Boudoir”, “composed every month from four to four five living products by French stylists who will have been carefully selected for their knowledge and that little extra thing” that will surprise you once you open it.

It is not easy to distinguish in this already quite saturated universe, where only a few succeed. “If you compare yourself a lot, you do nothing anymore,” puts Caroline Rouxel in perspective.

In this box there will be objects of French stylists, decorative objects, ethical beauty, jewelry, culinary discoveries etc. Sold for € 39.90, “the value of the product is € 65.79”, assures Caroline Rouxel, thanks to the promotional aspect of the products she puts in her box. Every month, in one of them there will be a “gold” box with a high value product. »

So in recent weeks and beyond her “vlogger” activity, she is working to promote this box, which she hopes will succeed.

“Never turn off the brain”

He does not miss his life before. However, her working relationships are now only virtual, she now works only at home. “The hardest thing is to never turn off the brain. Always think about what I will do the next day, or after a few days. I never have my head on vacation. »

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